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We had so much fun at the amazing Little Art Lab! This is a prime example of what a woman can do when she has passion, love and creativity pulsing through her veins. Not only did the children (from 8mths and up) totally immerse themselves in the sensory experience of the artwork, but each experience created an outlet for them to communicate and release any pent up feelings any pent up feelings and these feelings were totally and completely welcomed.
-Shona McFox

Thank you for giving me a beautiful space where I felt confident enough to bring my new babyand chilling my toddler out with your enriching activities. She is so content after your classes so I can't thank you enough!
-Shelley Kennedy

In a world where being busy can be valued, I love stepping away and connecting with my littlies in this relaxed and calm environment.
Here we are reminded to slow down, breathe, connect to nature and to explore through art and listening to our powerful and wise inner voice.
Kate effortlessly coordinates this experience and make us feel supported in this dynamic and holistic environment.
- Cat Von Ryan

Me and the kids love Little Art Lab. You can let the kids get totally covered head to toe in paint and you don’t have to worry about any of that mess being in your own house!
Just hose them off, change their clothes and let Kate clean up the rest.
It’s such a treat for everyone.
-Emily Pinkus

You are already inspiring the (educational) change Kate! Through just doing what you do, your classes and work with kids is showing people that there is another way of approaching education.
-Gillian Howarth

I love that you taught me this (how to nurture creativity)  I'd never realised how important it is to let kids create independently.
-Bec Land

Elsie (8) and Callum (3) loved the free, open ended 'no suggesting' style of Little Art Lab. You role model being and moving from the heart.
-Julia King

We had such a great time! All the way home Archie kept asking me 'Where's the art gone?!'
-Caitlin Merritt

We have really enjoyed the Little Art Lab experience and can’t wait for future classes. I have certainly taken a lot from the classes and I think you are an incredibly inspiring person with such a calming a beautiful presence. 
- Nikki Robinson

Your work has helped me tremendously through my parenting journey and it really does give us both a way for us to process  and create somehting together.
-Cat Von Felten 

We tribal painted, we yoga flowed, we drum circled and we forgot about the world. Thank you Kate for creating such a  beautiful space where children can just BE...entirely and completely their unique selves.
-Shona McFox

Thank you so much Kate. Simon was just singing your praises dealing with all the kids. He said he didn’t get a chance to thank you properly.
Thank you again, so much. You’re excellent at what you do.
-Verity Hughes

We loved todays class Kate. Pippa really enjoys it when you play the guitar and we both really enjoy the yoga moves and breaths. I really wanted to make my own (intention) stick after I saw you make one and went searching for sticks in our lane.
-Bec Land