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Wild Creative Term 4


“The more slowly trees grow at first, the sounder they are at the core, and I think the same is true of human beings.”

~Henry David Thoreau

Wild Creative.
Learning mindfully with nature, earth crafts and natural movement.

Whether your child is in school and needs a wellbeing day outside, you're seeking a bush playgroup/kindy/school, you need a program that includes younger siblings, you’re homeschooling or they have the day off, this program is designed for them (and you) to recalibrate and self regulate in nature.

TERM 4 FOCUS: Invisible Learning
There are deep benefits to children learning within nature.

Studies have shown their retention is greater due to the 'sticky learning' that occurs when the whole body is engaged in an activity.
Sticky Learning is when the neural pathways of the brain are lit up in a way that the information is remembered and integrated.

Education can sometimes be linear and segmented, with subjects separated out. Yet nature shows us how learning is cyclical and should fit together;
through the ecosystem, bees, the life cycle, seasons and how the flora and fauna alter to accomodate environmental shifts.

Often children's senses are stimulated in nature so they can make sense of what they're learning more effectively.
If you smell honey, see the bees, observe the hive and are aware of the potential of being stung, you are engaging in what I call alive learning!

Join me for another term of mixed age learning.
Older children have the opportunity to exercise leadership skills and guide younger children which develops confidence and self worth. They are natural teachers, sharing what they've learned in a way that adults wouldn't necessarily offer that makes it more fun and engaging.

The benefits for the little ones are observing emotional regulation in the older children, what taking turns looks like and how to develop problem solving skills.

Within this framework, children can learn at their own pace connected to the people helping them which builds a sense of community and belonging.

Earth Crafts include:
Nature Dream Catchers
Nature Jewellery and Leaf threading
Pendulum Painting
Whittling with peelers and knives
Making a set of prayer/worry/ritual beads
Wrapping a Meditation Tree

Exploring Natural Materials through:
Sensory Bowls
Discovering bugs under logs
Mud kitchen
Natural balancing blocks
Tree swings

During the term we also explore:
Natural movement
Mindfulness practices and simple rituals
Risk Assessment
Have fun on the ninja line
Earth Circle and Sharing Circle

This is an all weather group (unless extreme weather which you'll be notified if we don’t go ahead). following the inspirational quote:
"there's no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.'
This helps build resilience physically, mentally and emotionally.

Some Learning Outcomes
•Through using natural materials children have a deeper sensory experience.
The fragrance of flowers and leaves, the dirt before and after rain, how the seasons affect the way the space looks, feels and smells.
•The difference between dry, hard, soft, light and heavy occurs organically in an outdoor environment.
•Foraging for their earth craft, children learn about the value of natural materials, how to use them and respect the environment they came from.
•Returning to the same space allows for a greater connection to what plant and animal life exist within the environment.
•Free play allows children to be inventive, problem solve together without adult intervention and build friendships.
•Using nature as a curriculum is a hugely expansive resource- numeracy becomes ‘sticky learning’ (where the understanding is retained) through dividing sticks fairly between one another for houses or railways, literacy through discovering letters in leaves or carving words into the mud. Science is covered through writing or drawing observations of the weather or animals. (The list goes on!)
•Curiosity and imagination are welcome here. We encourage children to explore the nature crafts in their own unique way.

"The best classroom and the richest classroom is roofed only by the sky."

~ Margret MC Millan

9.30-11.30 am
Fridays Term 4 (7 sessions)
Oct 22, 29
Nov 5, 12, 19, 26
Dec 3
Price is per child (all ages)

Wild Creative runs out of a beautiful urban bush space in Leederville
(specific address sent upon booking)
Parent/caregiver remains for duration of workshop.
Children's safety and behaviour remains responsibility of the parent/caregiver.
All ages welcome to augment our multi age learning experience.