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"Nature itself is the best physician."
~ Hippocrates

Designed for 4-10yo
(younger siblings free. Parent/caregiver stays for duration and helps guide their child with tool use where required)

Whether your child is in school and needs a wellbeing day outside, homeschooled or has the day off, these workshops are designed for them to recalibrate and self regulate in nature.

“Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.”
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

SESSION ONE: STONE PAINT (Fri 18 June, bush space in Leederville)
* Making stone paint
* Making dirt paint
* Ephemeral Art (creations you leave for others to find)

This workshop provides children with an opportunity to make simple stone paint and discover the versatility of natural materials that numerous cultures have used for thousands of years.
First we forage for stones of different colours in the area then grind them into a powder before using a binder to create paint. Each child's art will look unique depending on the stones and colour palette they are drawn to.

SESSION TWO: NATURE WEAVING (Mon 5 July, Cambridge Scout Hall, Perry Lakes, Floreat)
* Weaving using tools (drills, hammers and nails)
* Weaving using sticks, wool & foraged pieces from nature
* Group mandala

Weaving is an ancient meditative practice due to its repetitive nature.
This session will offer children a chance to weave in two different ways.
Using tools and using sticks and string.

With parental guidance they will use a hammer and nails on a block of wood then wind their chosen colours of wool around and through. When children are trusted with tools it boosts their self-confidence whilst also developing motor skills, concentration and understanding of the material world.

SESSION THREE: WHITTLING A TALISMAN (Mon 12 July, Cambridge Scout Hall, Perry Lakes, Floreat))
* Whittling using peelers, whittling knives*, smoothing with sandpaper
(bring your own whittling knife if you have one)
* Creating your own talisman using natural materials: feathers, leaves, beads and wool.

We will discuss what a talisman is and have a mindfulness exercise using a smudge stick ritual to tune in to what we need our talisman for.
We will forage for our chosen materials and use whittling peelers (bring your whittling knife if you have one), smooth our stick with sandpaper then add feathers, leaves, beads and wool to create our unique talisman.

Allowing children to use tools under supervision helps boost their self esteem and confidence in their skills.
Whittling is meditative yet requires concentration and persistence so is an empowering skill to learn.

During each session we also explore:
Natural movement
Ninja Line
Mindfulness practices
Risk Assessment
Earth Circle and Sharing Circle

Wild Creative offers organic education through nature craft,
adventurous play and creativity.
Activities are explored more slowly and mindfully with focus allowing children to explore in depth, make their own discoveries and to integrate what they learn in a holistic way using the rich, natural resources provided within nature.

This is an all weather group (unless extreme weather which you'll be notified about). following the inspirational quote:
"there's no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.'
This helps build resilience physically, mentally and emotionally.
We observe the changes in seasons and gain a greater understanding how the weather affects our moods, the environment  and craft.

"You can't use up creativity, the more you use, the more you have."
~ Maya Angelou

Parent/caregiver remains for duration of event.
Children's safety and behaviour remains responsibility of the parent/caregiver.
Ages 4-10YO
Sibling discount available.

Children under 4 free and require supervision.
*Please let me know in checkout if you are bringing any other children*